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The Dorm Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary: Reflecting on a Leadership Culture That Stands the Test of Time

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Clinically Reviewed by: Amanda Fialk, PhD, LCSW, LICSW


By Tere Snodgrass, Director of Admissions & Referral Experience

In my previous blog post of my series “What I’ve Learned in My First Six Months at The Dorm”, I noted my final installment would focus on leadership. 

This 2024, I feel proud to be part of The Dorm’s team as they usher in an exciting milestone: 15 years as a family-owned and operated treatment program. 

To mark this moment, I am eager to share three key aspects of The Dorm’s leadership style and approach that I believe contribute to its enduring success.

Investment in People & Support of Ongoing Learning

The Dorm understands that when you invest in your people you are investing in your organization’s future and the ability to deliver exceptional care that remains relevant and impactful.

Training and learning is always happening on an individual, group and organizational level. From clinical teams meetings that take place 5 days a week, to ongoing treatment modality training and an active clinical intern and mentorship program.

Once per quarter, team members participate in Diversity, Equity Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) courses and regardless of their position or role, individuals are invited to use an annual stipend exclusively designated for professional development through CEUs, courses or workshops. From HR to marketing, research to clinical management, I’ve seen every level of the organization benefit from these investments and creative pursuits, reflecting a balance of accountability and autonomy that is modeled at every level. 

Leadership at The Dorm also understands that supporting the team involves creating space for personal rest and rejuvenation. In 2023, they launched unlimited paid time off (PTO), aligning with a belief that wellness is subjective and empowering each person to take the time they need to be their best selves. On a personal note, after many years, I am finally experiencing a work-life balance at The Dorm, a positive change noticed by both family and friends, leading to a significant increase in my relaxation and overall happiness.

Active Engagement in The Treatment Community

As a program that revolves around a vibrant community ecosystem, leadership knows the importance of remaining intimately connected to the heart and soul of the work. 

Do you or a loved one need help with mental health?

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Site Directors play an active role in fostering robust relationships among clinical teams, admissions, and operations and everyone is encouraged to immerse themselves in and experience our Clubhouse and treatment spaces whenever possible, while engaging in activities and events that contribute to the unique and special nature of our community.

The executive leadership team are also not only leaders, but engaged and very visible team players. The Founder/CEO, John McGeehan, LCSW, will still take admissions calls from time to time, which allows him to remain in touch with the needs of our clients, families and referral sources.  It’s not uncommon to see Amanda Fialk, PhD, our Chief Clinical Officer, at The Clubhouse giving tours to potential clients and families or our President, Delaram Saidi, stopping by to participate in a community function or staff celebrations. 

Valuing Everyone’s Voice

Last but not least, what has always struck me is how much the team values and seeks out the  opinions of all employees, making a point to invite dialogue from all cross-functional teams at every level of the organization and keep meetings and brainstorms positive and non-hierarchical.  Employee satisfaction surveys are sent out on a regular basis to assess perceptions and attitudes surrounding organization culture. The goal is to have a pulse on employee experience for the purpose of being able to continually uphold standards and foster a positive workplace culture. Additionally, it allows for evaluation of the parallel process that can occur between staff and client satisfaction which directly impacts the quality of care and services offered at The Dorm.

I’ve so enjoyed this blog series and thank you for the opportunity to share my takeaways, experiences and impressions over many impressionable months at The Dorm. I’m always available to answer questions or provide more information about our community – please contact me at

The Dorm - 15 Year Anniversary

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