The commitment and involvement of our clients’ families are one of the greatest predictors of client success. At The Dorm, we offer individualized and group-based family support to all our families who need guidance and skill-building in order to best support their young adult’s treatment journey.

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Flexible Therapy For All Families

We offer one-to-one sessions that accommodate all family schedules. Sessions can be regular (weekly or monthly) or scheduled on an ‘as-needed’ basis, depending on the family and client’s needs. Generally, our family therapy does focus on the interactions and relations between the entire family unit, however, we also work individually with parents to develop specialized parenting and communication skills that will benefit their young adult where they are today. Multi-family support groups are also available and include both family members and their child in weekly group sessions located at our main offices.

Out-Of-State Family Support

For our out-of-state families, we host quarterly family days that allow for more targeted face-to-face support that addresses patterns of behavior and areas of opportunity to strengthen and develop the family unit.

We believe that healthy engagement and family support during this transitional time enriches and strengthens our clients’ journeys. A central focus in family therapy is helping families communicate and interact with effective and healthy boundaries. Over time they can learn how to better relate to one another, support one another and hold one another accountable. Overall, sessions can promote healthier dialogue between parents and their child.

We have a unique approach to care with integrated
treatment methods and supports.

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