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Our case management support provides a single point of contact for all treatment providers and families to streamline communication and provide continuity of care. This oversight gives families comfort knowing that everything from scheduling to clinical coordination is being handled by licensed professionals.

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Case management is a part of each client’s experience to ensure the highest level of coordinated care and oversight. All of our case managers are licensed and credentialed clinicians who not only oversee treatment coordination, scheduling, communication and goal-setting but can also be a resource for referrals (e.g. other healthcare providers in the community such as primary care physicians (PCPs) or dentists).

Case management facilitates continuity of care and ensures that everyone supporting our clients at The Dorm is working towards the same treatment goals. We recognize that regardless of age, a client may still be developing accountability and responsibility skills and, as a result, this added support fosters good accountability and proper care. This level of coordination gives our clients’ families peace of mind by knowing that a credentialed professional is overseeing all aspects of attendance and treatment.

We have a unique approach to care with integrated
treatment methods and supports.

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