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Helping Young Adults
Launch Independent Lives

At The Dorm, helping young adults launch independent lives means doing things a little
differently. We know that success for our clients means being flexible and truly
meeting them where they are right now. That can be literal – with services that extend
outside of a traditional office setting with real-time support wherever and whenever
they need it. It’s also conceptual, and based on where our clients are on their
way to independence.


Our clients begin treatment with a comprehensive assessment that looks at an individual’s biological, psychological and social functioning to inform our clinical recommendations and treatment planning.


As part of our holistic assessment we encourage all our clients to meet with our dietitian to evaluate any nutritional needs, our educational specialist to review academic history, and our health and wellness coaches. Additionally, all of our clients are seen by a psychiatrist within their first 2 weeks of treatment to ensure any medication needs are fully integrated into the treatment plan.


With the conclusion of our assessment, and with appropriate consent, we meet with the client’s family and any associated outside providers to review and align around treatment goals and direction.

Living With The Dorm

Residential and Supported Living

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We offer a range of living options to support every client
over the course of their treatment journey.

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