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Continuum of care: we offer comprehensive day and evening services, supported living opportunities and individualized life skills training for young adults looking to further their independence.

Helping bridge the gap between traditional inpatient and outpatient care: our flexible support offers clients varying levels of intensity that align with their specific clinical needs and life goals.

Individualized treatment: our expert team of therapists and practitioners support clients in creating tailor-made treatment plans that meet them where they are – virtually, at home, in school, in the community and beyond.

Treatment You Can Trust


Third-party validated outcomes substantiate our care.


International certification underscores a commitment to quality service.


Dorm alumni are full-time students or gainfully employed.

Our comprehensive and diverse approaches to treatment combine clinical
therapies, individualized life skills training and community support.

Whether someone is struggling with psychological issues that are
interfering with launching an independent life, or simply stuck and unsure
of how to move forward, our team of experts is here to help.

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Our supported living opportunities are designed for young adults looking for a bridge into independent living. Our objective is to protect, enhance, and further develop the skills necessary to sustain independence.

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The Dorm Research Outcomes

Outcomes & Impact

Our third-party validated, evidence-based treatment is making a difference.

  • 48% reduction in cognitive impairment

  • 36% reduction in symptoms of PTSD

  • 24% reduction in symptoms of depression

The Dorm Research Outcomes

Success Rate

87% of Dorm alumni, upon successful graduation, resume being full-time students or gain employment.

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The Dorm Alumni


The Dorm Alumni

“I thought I could never turn my life around, I felt hopeless and alone. The team at The Dorm helped me learn essential tools that I could use in order to get around obstacles that came up in my early recovery.”

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