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The overwhelming demands of today’s fast-paced, always plugged-in digital life are unprecedented. The pressures to achieve, accessibility of information and the lure of endless options for distraction only add to the inherently stressful and overwhelming transition from childhood to adulthood.

Our mindfulness service is offered with these specific challenges in mind and focused on key themes including stress management, improving mood by managing negative emotions and enhancing focus and concentration. We incorporate themes of mindfulness into our overall curriculum and culture to ensure our clients learn not only how to understand what it means to be mindful but to also move through their lives mindfully each day.

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At the Dorm we teach a variety of meditation and breathing techniques to quiet the mind and relax the body. The benefits of meditation are far reaching: decreasing stress, improving mood, increasing a sense of well being, enhancing memory, concentration and focus. We introduce various types of meditation techniques including passive meditations (e.g. traditional mindfulness of breath, imagery-led), active meditations (e.g. kundalini yoga), guided meditations (CBT-based Progressive Music Relaxation), sound therapy (e.g. gong baths, singing bowls) and other meditation techniques from around the world (e.g. malas, prayer beads).


Recognizing the importance of the mind-body connection, our yoga group fosters alignment of the body and mind by instilling focus, clarity and intention. By exploring the principles of 8 Limbs of Yoga, we strive to strengthen our clients’ mind-body awareness to reduce stress and anxiety and to foster discipline and resilience. Practicing as a group supports socialization and a sense of community cooperation and connectedness. Our instructors are trained in Iyengar, Forrest, Baptiste, Kundalini and Ashtanga yoga styles.

Walking Groups

By connecting green, natural spaces with physical activity, our goal is to improve our clients’ emotional health and overall mood. Our groups walk together in one of the nearby parks.

Young adulthood is an incredibly important time marked by major changes, big life decisions and new pressures. Without proper support and the right skills in place, many young adults can suffer from depression and feelings of anxiety that can manifest as avoidance, substance use and self-harm. Mindfulness techniques help clients attend to their thoughts and feelings non-judgmentally and moment-to-moment. This helps them connect with their inner selves, engage more fully in their present life activities and develop better coping mechanisms for life’s stressors.

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