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Helping our clients build awareness and learn essential life skills is a key pillar of our treatment approach. Tangible skill-building is very often missed in therapeutic environments but is one of the most critical factors in fostering sustainable change.

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Building A Life Outside Treatment

At The Dorm, our skills therapists are focused on helping our clients ‘build a life outside of treatment.’ Skill-building areas include (but are not limited to) in-home wake-up support, medication oversight, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, budgeting, social skills, exposures, dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) and vocational support. In addition to tangible life skills, our skills therapy can include selecting a college course, preparing for a job interview and/or supporting activities of daily living.

Dedicated Care

Our skills therapists have years of experience working with young adults who are paving a road to independence. Each client is paired with a skills therapist who is a licensed/credentialed member of our team and is not the same as the primary therapist leading individual therapy sessions. Each role is fulfilled by a different clinician at The Dorm so that our clients get the most dedicated care at every touch point during their treatment plan.

Flexible Support In Any Environment

Skills therapy is focused on our clients’ key area(s) of opportunity, be that activities of daily living, executive function, independent living or other therapy exposure needs. Sessions can occur daily or weekly, depending on our clients’ clinical and life goals. Skills therapy can be scheduled in various environments depending on the focus, be that at our offices, out in the community or at a client’s home.

All of our therapists and clinicians work together and collaborate regularly to make sure our clients receive the best possible coordinated care plan. This is tracked and monitored through client case management.

We have a unique approach to care with integrated
treatment methods and supports.

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