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Our Clubhouse is a young adult community space at the heart of The Dorm’s culture that allows for socializing, mentoring and learning. Open during weekdays, the Clubhouse creates a relaxed and supportive environment for our clients to connect with peers, study, attend one of our community events or just kick back and read a book.

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Safe, Supportive, Social

The Dorm’s Clubhouse is a safe, supportive environment to relax, connect with peers or engage in work. It quickly becomes our clients’ destination for community activities and special events including movie screenings, panel discussions and workshops. Clients are encouraged to use the space as needed; in between their groups or as a place to come to in the mornings to enjoy breakfast with peers.

Engagement With Staff, Mentors And Peers

Open Monday through Friday from 8am-7pm with staff on-site during all operating hours, our Clubhouse as a healthy hub of activity that is inclusive and supportive. Our staff and even mentors and alumni are frequently available.

As we like to say, our strength is our community! We believe that our shared, open community environment promotes socialization, allows clients to exchange ideas with like-minded peers and fosters healthy discussion among peer groups experiencing the same social, academic and vocational challenges. By learning how to engage and maintain healthy, sustainable social interactions day-in and day-out within The Dorm community, our clients develop the skill sets that lead to healthy social interactions and connections in the larger community of family, school, work and friends.

We have a unique approach to care with integrated
treatment methods and supports.

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Call Us: (877) 996-2326