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Job Readiness & Career Support

We help clients chart their own course with services that foster vocational exploration, build independent job readiness skills, and present enriching local opportunities to volunteer with organizations and advocacy groups.

Finding a job or pursuing vocational opportunity can be a daunting task and yet it’s a necessary part of sustained independence in young adulthood. At The Dorm, we support clients by helping them build the core skills they need to secure and maintain gainful and fulfilling employment long-term. From resume-building to role-playing potential interviews, we offer both individual support and groups dedicated to job readiness, vocational and career support planning.

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Individualized Support

The job search process always begins with, “What do you want to do?” Through one-on-one support, we help our clients process and reflect on vocational interests, identify corresponding employment opportunities, and help hold themselves accountable to their job search goals. We accompany our clients as they go door-to-door introducing themselves to local businesses and networking as we recognize the importance of extending the search process beyond online searches.

The Dorm was both patient and provided the structure and support my child needed to slowly thrive. It become a very nurturing, supportive, and positive situation for them. I am grateful beyond words.” — Dorm Parent

Skill Development

Based on vocational interests and personal skills, our clients may require additional support focused on key areas of the job application and interviewing process such as crafting a cover letter or managing pressure. Our skilled therapists are there to support these needs. Skill therapy can also be paired with an adjunct specialization such as social skills or executive functioning skills.

Our alumni have become chefs, filmmakers, butchers and musicians. It’s all possible because we empower them to be the architects of their own life; our team is simply the scaffolding helping them realize their fullest potential.” — John McGeehan, LCSW, Founder & CEO

A Group Approach

Our robust group therapy options help clients connect with peers and learn foundational job-searching skills such as writing resumes, building relationships, preparing for interviews, and following up with potential job leads. Our clinicians guide client groups through psychoeducation, skill-building activities, and job readiness activities, and the group setting helps peers learn from each other as they navigate the beginning of their careers. Examples of group therapy options that support job readiness include:

The Dorm Exclusive

This process group helps clients prepare to enter the workforce. We focus on key work readiness skills including interviewing and accountability around job searching, while exploring feelings and barriers that arise in the process of securing and maintaining employment.

The Dorm Exclusive

Dorm U provides clients who are not clinically ready to take classes at a university or online, the opportunity to practice taking a class in a mock classroom setting. Dorm U follows a traditional class syllabus with set written assignments, tests, and presentations. In the class, however, the facilitator helps clients to develop and enhance executive function, time management, and study skills. Additionally, school-related anxiety and avoidance are addressed and processed.

Executive function refers to the ability to manage or regulate a collection of basic cognitive and emotional processes. This group focuses on developing the skills needed to effectively plan, initiate, organize, and execute tasks as well as the ability to cope with transitions or regulate emotional responses. Group members create specific task-oriented goals weekly and work closely with staff on the necessary steps to incorporate these new skills into daily life.

Volunteering & Activism Opportunities

Volunteering and activism in our greater communities is a cornerstone of treatment at The Dorm. Every client has monthly group opportunities to volunteer with organizations that matter to them. Our academic advisors and clinical coaches encourage clients to take advantage of these opportunities since volunteering during periods of unemployment can have a positive impact on a student’s career trajectory, social connections, passions, and job opportunities.

The Community Clubhouse: An urban hub for work, study, and play

Open weekdays from 9 am - 8 pm, The Community Clubhouse is open to every member of our community for work, job-searching, connecting with peers, and participating in a myriad of weekly activities such as cultural excursions, movie nights, social clubs, or simply a quiet space to hang out within the bustling cities we call home.


Securing and maintaining employment is a meaningful part of long-term independence. We realize that the hurdle of finding a job can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking causing potential avoidance. Our customized one-on-one and group support helps clients identify their career interests, outline a path to work toward their job goals and develop the structure and tools necessary to make it happen.

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