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At the Dorm, we understand and value the importance of providing cutting-edge clinical treatment for complex mental illnesses while at the same time supporting clients to achieve tangible educational, vocational and social goals outside of treatment. We offer partial residential, day and/or outpatient treatment options to meet our clients where they are today.

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Individualized Approach

The Dorm takes pride in tailoring its treatment approach to the specific needs of each individual client. All clients work in conjunction with their therapist to develop an individualized treatment plan. Clients are empowered to identify, define and take ownership over short-term treatment objectives and long-term treatment goals. When appropriate, we consult with any outside providers, past providers, family members and those that know the client best.

Comprehensive Assessment

Treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment that allows for all members of the treatment team to evaluate the client in order to structure services to their treatment needs. During this time, our clinical team is looking at the individual’s biological, psychological, social and spiritual functioning to inform our treatment recommendations and planning. Clients are encouraged to meet our team dietitian to evaluate any nutritional needs and an educational specialist to review academic history and evaluate supports necessary for current academic or vocational goals. We  also encourage every client to be seen by a psychiatrist within their first 2 weeks of treatment to ensure any medication needs are fully integrated into the treatment plan.

Our team of expert therapists and practitioners believe in treating the whole person, not a diagnosis, presenting obstacle, or specific symptom. Our approach stresses the importance of developing independent living skills, and the tools and abilities needed to emerge from treatment into a functioning, fulfilling and healthy independent life. Whether it is volunteering, work, school, family, and/or social relationships, we want our clients to succeed at the highest level possible.

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Call Us: (877) 996-2326