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Whether a client is interviewing for a job or preparing for a school presentation, clear communication skills, a strong presence, and confidence is essential. At The Dorm, we offer a unique communication coaching service called ‘Presence’ which is catered to young adults. Clients can practice and develop a new level of confidence in how they speak, present themselves and communicate with others.

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Mindful Communication

With a focus on mindfulness, young adult clients are encouraged to realize the relationship between themselves and others and develop an awareness around non-verbal communication and its role in effective dialogue. Through one-on-one sessions, clients can cultivate the confidence and skills to become effective communicators. Some areas of work may include finding a client’s ‘voice’ through creative role play, recordings, and exercises to attain confidence and connection. Because every client is unique, every coaching session is different and often sessions can focus on developing non-verbal factors including active listening, body language and emotional awareness.

Effective communication skills and confidence-building is a lifelong pursuit that only gets easier with practice and hard work. Adolescents and young adults, for many reasons, may have overlooked this essential skill that will prove critical to future success. We help our clients rediscover that they have the power to shape how they communicate rather than occupying labels like ‘poor communicator’. With expert guidance, support and time, we see our clients gain new confidence in themselves, and in how they relate and communicate with others.

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