We offer a strong clinical track for young adults and adolescents struggling with disordered eating. From body dysmorphia and anorexia to binge eating disorder and exercise compulsion, we provide expert treatment for all forms of eating disorders with registered dieticians and specialized therapists on staff. We work with any current/recent providers to maintain continuity of care and offer in-home support for residential clients that may need additional care.

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Individualized Approach

Treating eating disorders is a highly individualized process, unique to each client and their relationship with food and their body. Every client being treated for an eating disorder will receive individual nutrition sessions with a registered dietician and individual therapy sessions with a clinical eating disorder specialist as needed. Our dieticians and therapists will coordinate with all outside medical and clinical providers and provide on-site lab testing if indicated. Individual support can also include supported grocery shopping trips, meal planning and exposures, and monitored food budgeting.

Group & Community Support

Supportive socialization around eating, preparing and discussing food can be transformative for our clients. Group therapy, outings and community support groups are varied and extensive to meet a broad range of needs. These include (but are not limited to) supported weekly group meals, daily staff-supported on-site breakfasts, cooking groups, nutritional psychoeducation groups, “Food and Feelings” process groups and sessions focused on body image, body movement and mindfulness. We also plan progressive exposures including farmer’s market trips and local restaurant outings.

Based on our clients’ clinical need we offer extended support to our residential clients who have problematic relationships with food and/or their bodies, including apartment checks to monitor groceries and check for items that are indicated as therapy interfering or unsafe by the treatment team (scales, mirrors, diet foods, diet pills, and laxatives, etc).

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