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Our treatment approach serves the whole person, including their physical wellbeing. With the support of individualized health and wellness specialists, our young adult clients build lifelong skills in functional movement, integrating their body and mind to benefit long term wellbeing. Research shows that physical movement can reduce negative mental health symptoms, boost energy, promote better sleep, encourage social activity, improve memory, and increase confidence. We encourage everyone in our community to cultivate a healthy relationship with everyday movement.

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What is Functional Movement?

At The Dorm, our approach to Health and Wellness is rooted in Functional Movement. The purpose of Functional Movement is to empower all individuals the ability to perform everyday, fundamental movement patterns (standing up, ascending and descending stairs, bending down, etc.) free from pain and with the body’s natural intended range of motion.

Body Neutrality

Our goal is to educate, coach, and empower clients using the model of Body Neutrality. Body neutrality puts emphasis on acknowledging what your body is doing for you in the present moment (breathing, getting you from one place to another, hugging a loved one, etc.). Rather than labeling the relationship with the body as “love” or “hate,” the emphasis is one of recognition.

Mindfulness and The Body

We recognize the natural tendency of the mind to be lost in thoughts about the future and/or the past. The one constant that always remains in the present moment is the body. Reconciliation of the wandering mind with the present moment  takes place when the body is engaged in appropriate movement and awareness practices.

What are functional movement exercises?

Our suite of group and individual programming is aimed at holistic health and mental healthcare, and includes:

  • Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga
  • Myofascial Release (SMR)
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Mobility
  • Health Education
  • Strength & Stability Training
  • Active Yoga Flow
  • Self-Defense for Self-Empowerment
  • Walking/Running
  • Sports & Activities
  • Private 1:1 Training
The Benefit of Functional Movement for Mental Health

We encourage each of our clients to consider various forms of exercise and movement, both individually and as part of our groups and extracurricular services. For those that participate, we see marked improvements in self-esteem, vitality, body awareness, alertness and an overall sense of wellbeing. Our health and wellness specialists work with clients to help them learn how to:

  • Build confidence in their physical abilities, skills and connection between the mind & body
  • Manage cravings, and connect with others recovering from substance use disorders
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and mania through mindfulness, movement and coping techniques

At The Dorm we believe that integrating the mind and body through everyday functional movement helps young adults learn to connect with themselves and others, offering a chance to integrate the body, mind, emotions and community.

Studies show that physical movement boosts energy, promotes sleep, offers opportunities for social interaction and is even shown to improve memory. Unfortunately, we understand the challenges that accompany many mental health diagnoses, including loss of motivation, chronic conditions including chronic pain, medication side effects or lack of energy.  Our health and wellness specialists understand the steps young adults can take to overcome each of these challenges, and work to regain confidence and motivation. Our team is trained to meet clients wherever they are in the treatment journey with compassion and expertise.

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