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Tere Snodgrass

Tere Snodgrass

Director of Admissions & Referral Experience

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Tere Snodgrass

Tere’s dedication to supporting families in crisis is evident by her 32-year career in adolescent and young adult mental health treatment. Respected and trusted by parents and professionals alike, she has held leadership positions in therapeutic programs, boarding schools and residential facilities across the country. As Director of Referral Relations and Admissions, she brings a seasoned, relational and personalized approach to supporting families navigating the best treatment for their young adults. Her admissions philosophy is grounded in open communication, compassion and integrity. 

A proud representative of The Dorm, Tere is aligned with the values and mission of such an “innovative young adult program that provides a clinically-strong community for individuals to apply skills in a real-world setting.” 

Tere has a unique ability to seamlessly navigate obstacles and attend to details,  while gently guiding clients and families with truth, insight and care. She works diligently and in collaboration with consultants and clinical professionals to ensure each family is equipped with the knowledge they need to explore mental health options. She is a steadfast family advocate and humbled by the positive relationships she has cultivated throughout her career that allow her to help families when they need it most.

Family is what Tere considers her most valued treasure. She is the proud parent of two young adult daughters and loves spending every chance she can with them. She also enjoys time spent with extended family, friends, traveling, growing flowers, being outdoors and reading. 

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