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At The Dorm, we see individual therapy for our young adult clients as one of the most meaningful ways of bringing about effective and sustainable change. These focused one-on-one sessions allow our clients to explore issues and life patterns that interfere with their ability to launch independent lives.

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Comprehensive Treatment Modalities

The Dorm offers a full spectrum of treatment modalities which include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), EMDR, motivational interviewing, exposure response prevention therapy and conventional psychotherapy/psychoanalysis.

Weekly Support

As part of our comprehensive assessment, each incoming client is matched with one of our expert clinicians for individual therapy. Individual therapy takes place at a minimum of 1-2 times per week. In some instances, individual therapy can be done more frequently depending on treatment goals.

Absolutely. The Dorm is structured to provide a flexible and inclusive therapeutic community. We understand the importance of continuity and so if a pre-existing relationship exists with an established therapist or outside professional, we will work in coordination with them to support our client and their clinical goals.

As part of each client’s customized treatment plan, we can also provide supplemental skills therapy with one of our own licensed team members. To learn more about how this customized and personalized approach to skills therapy, please contact our team to speak with one of our expert clinicians.

We have a unique approach to care with integrated
treatment methods and supports.

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