As human beings, we are social creatures at our core. At The Dorm, we often find that our clients' social experiences have been fraught with anxiety, avoidance and/or missing certain social cues. We recognize the importance of social skill-building for young adults in order to build a lifelong network of friends, family, co-workers and community.

Our quest is to integrate our clients into our supportive community of understanding peers so that they can assist each other in learning and developing the skills necessary to develop and maintain friends and community.

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Our dedicated social skills groups are designed to promote healthy peer-based socialization and exposure to social engagements. Through these social events our clients are encouraged to put into practice the skills they are learning to manage social anxiety and form interpersonal relationships.


Our community space brings our clients together in a casual and supportive environment to help foster healthy connection and peer-based interactions. Whether gathering for events or just enjoying downtime between services, we often find our clients reading a book, working on an academic or vocational project or just appreciating conversation with other members of the community.

The fabric of our society is built around the power of human connection, networking and interpersonal relationships. By creating a framework for healthy dialogue and socialization at The Dorm through supported interactions with like-minded peers, our goal is to set a template for the future. We believe that healthy social interactions and connections within The Dorm community lead to healthy social interactions and connections in the larger community of family, school, work and friends.

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