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The Dorm was both patient and provided the structure and support my child needed to slowly thrive! It has become a very nurturing, supportive and positive situation for them. I am grateful beyond words for what The Dorm has provided us. My husband and I have the support we need, too; I appreciate the bi-weekly check-ins. I feel like I am part of a community, not an isolated parent, desperate to find connection and resources for my child.

⁠— Dorm Parent

The Dorm helped me not only to find myself again, but also to discover a whole new world of hope and possibilities. I will be forever grateful for its collective love, support, and guidance.

⁠— The Dorm Client

“We are forever grateful to those at The Dorm for playing so instrumental and instructive a role in helping lead, over the course of approximately one year, to transformational change in our son. Admittedly, there were times we did not want to accept what they had to say, but yet they proved to be right every step of the way. Today, our son lives a positive, healthy, sober lifestyle following several years of substance abuse and dependency.”

Client Parent

“The creators of The Dorm made an organization that is able to respond quickly and appropriately to an urgent need. They have the staff resources to provide structure and discipline as well as support when emotions need it. The therapy deals with hard to face issues of the entire family. The guidance and structure teaches life skills – self-awareness, organization, budgeting, independence and self-advocacy. I could not ask for a better organization.”

The Dorm Referral

The Dorm is a wonderful treatment center that encourages growth and independence. The staff are kind and well-trained. The environment is great for making friends and feeling connected to other patients. There is a friendly and open culture that I appreciate. Keep up the great work!

⁠— The Dorm Alum

“We wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude for the dedication and support our son received during his participation at The Dorm. Most notably, was [his therapist’s] unwavering commitment and perseverance in helping our son during some very difficult times and situations. They were a driving force in helping our son gain unique insight and perspective and offered him weekly positive assurance and coping skills. They were also instrumental in devising a comprehensive and collaborative treatment approach in conjunction with our son’s treating doctors. Aside from their clinical expertise and effective ‘out-of-the box’ ways to connect with our son, they provided us with a source of unwavering hope, support, humor and friendship. There are simply not enough great things we can say about them and the team. We are forever grateful to The Dorm and cannot thank you enough.”

⁠— Client Parent

I really enjoyed my time at The Dorm and am in a much better place now than when I started. The therapists here really helped me get back to where I needed to be and for that, I am very grateful.

⁠— The Dorm Alum

They are excellent. We wish they could accommodate more clients.

⁠— Dorm Referral

The Dorm has been delivering the highest quality wrap-around care for young adults for 15 years! A choice referral for those of us in the field. Highly recommended.

⁠— Melissa Gerson, LCSW, Columbus Park Center for Eating Disorders

The Dorm is a unique community that not only strengthens individuals but also pushes them to their fullest potential.
I thought I could never turn my life around, I felt hopeless and alone. When I first contacted The Dorm, I thought I
couldn’t change. Amanda, John and all the other clinicians helped me learn essential tools that I could use
in order to get around obstacles that came up in my early recovery.

⁠— The Dorm Alum

When I went it was an incredible and safe environment. I was given an enormous amount of freedom in terms of gender / sexuality expression and everyone including other clients were super supportive. This program offers a wide range of activities and sessions, all of the clinical workers I noticed were highly trained and nice. In every session, I felt supported and heard. Although I didn’t pay for it, if I knew my child was in need of intensive therapeutic care for one reason or another, I would sleep happily and comfortably if I knew my kid was in the same comforting environment The Dorm provided me when I went.

⁠— Dorm Client

Our experience thus far has been fantastic. All the Dorm team members who work with our daughter are in constant communication with each other, which is exactly the way intensive therapeutic programs such as the Dorm should function in order to best serve the clients.

⁠— Dorm Parent

“They truly seem to care about my son and are trying to change his treatment plan as needed.”

Dorm Parent

“The Dorm model is excellent, and the people are dedicated.”

Dorm Parent

“They pay great attention to the practical details in my son’s life – worked very well to decrease pressure on me and give him a better sense of independence.”

Dorm Parent

“I wouldn’t be where I am right now without them, and I know that is a fact.”

The Dorm Client

“The Dorm have done so much for me…I’m really grateful for the opportunity…to let people know how much good your doing.”

Dorm Client

“I am extremely grateful to the whole staff at the Dorm. The institution itself is an absolute blessing, and the work you do is outstanding….We need the excellence, dignity, and compassion that programs like the Dorm offer.”

Dorm Parent

“This is just a brief but heartfelt thank you to the team for all the extra care they gave my client this week. Please convey my appreciation for creating an incredible safety net for them. Many many thanks.”

Dorm Referral

“The therapist was an exceptional, supportive, kind, and understanding person and coach. They have been a great help to our family. We are so grateful for everything that have done and will miss working with them.”

Dorm Parent

“One really positive thing from my view was that our child reported really liking several of the Dorm sessions, especially one recovery group. They feel the clinician really thinks about recovery outside the box and gives interesting perspectives.”

Dorm Parent

“You have a wonderful staff. Thank you for setting up this program and helping people like me get one step closer to getting assistance.”

Dorm Client

“Today, our client is thriving, and The Dorm played a key role in this!”

Dorm Referral

“I owe a lot of my coping skills and the ability to overcome these challenges to my time at The Dorm and especially to my clinical coach. I know they worked so hard on my case, and their efforts are truly appreciated and worthwhile — my life truly is changed forever.”

Client Alum

“You all are never cease to amaze me. I know how hard this is for you to create a seemingly seamless experience for the population you deal with especially. Each correspondence I get is so professional and I can’t even describe how much respect I have for The Dorm family. All are great communicators and are very dedicated to their clients. And I haven’t even met everyone!”

Dorm Referral

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