Those who struggle with an underlying trauma are often are unaware of its effects on the mind and body. Struggling with trauma in young adulthood can feel overwhelming and alienating. These feelings can manifest in anxiety and depression, substance use, disordered eating habits and other forms of self-harm. Trauma, in its various forms, can make every aspect of launching into adulthood more challenging. Healing from trauma requires a sense of safety, support and connection with peers and treatment providers.

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Seeking Safety Groups

Adapting Najavits’ Seeking Safety evidence-based treatment manual for PTSD and substance use to meet the needs of our clients, we facilitate intimate process groups designed solely with these objectives in mind. Our skilled clinicians foster a warm, predictable and empathic space for clients who identify with having experienced trauma so that they may begin the healing process. Clients learn about different types of trauma including developmental and childhood stress as well as other negative peer-based experiences.

Individual Therapy

Each member of our clinical team is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. This clinically validated, integrative psychotherapy approach helps clients reprocess traumatic events into adaptive learning experiences. Our focused individual therapy goes through the eight phases of treatment enabling clients to incorporate templates for appropriate future action that allow the client to excel individually and interpersonally.

We understand the complexity and nuances of trauma and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our individualized, broadspectrum trauma therapy is customized to combine individual therapy, groups, health and wellness services, case management and family involvement so that clients begin to bridge the safety they feel within our community into the greater community.

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