At The Dorm, we are invested in collaborative care that keeps students on a path to graduation. We work with each student and their family to assess options at their current academic institution, work with the resources and services available on campus and create an integrative treatment plan reflective of academic goals and clinical needs.

We recognize that the college experience can trigger the onset or exacerbate pre-existing mental health challenges and introduce high-risk environments for relapse, substance use, or eating concerns. These struggles can lead students and their families to question whether they are prepared for the rigor of university studies or independent living.

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At The Dorm, we partner with our clients to help support them in building the skill set and toolbox necessary to be successful in independent academic endeavors. In addition to traditional therapeutic interventions, we slowly expose clients to real life academic and social situations providing them with the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills in real time.

The Dorm - University Student

Upon admission, our clients participate in an academic assessment with our academic advisor to determine a treatment plan that will put the student on a path to academic success – whether their goal is to
stay in school or return to school after taking
a leave of absence.

Students work closely with our team of clinicians to address and overcome the problems they are having navigating coursework; including problems with concentration, perfectionism, procrastination, social anxiety, and other common problems that interfere with academic functioning.

The Dorm - University Student
The Dorm - University Student

In addition to academic goals, we understand the importance of vocational readiness and clear career goals for sustained independence. The Dorm’s job readiness and career support focuses on connecting academic and vocational goals to develop a realistic and motivating plan with our clients.

For clients interested in returning to school, our simulated college classes
offer a safe, supported and structured place to start.

  • Small evening seminars are supervised by our licensed, experienced instructor, Jeremy Ware, LCSW, M.Ed., and taught by licensed clinicians with a professional education background and/or expertise in a specific field.
  • These unique courses are intended to provide all aspects of matriculated coursework without high-stakes pressure and are not for college credit. They offer the skill-building required for successful college class engagement and completion.
  • As in college and grad school, clients receive a syllabus and are expected to be active participants. This includes mandatory attendance, completion of weekly assignments, research, participation in group discussion and presenting to peers.
  • Classes emphasize and hold students accountable for the skills needed in many undergraduate and graduate-level classes: writing, critical analysis, public speaking, in-depth reading, research, time management, original thought and preparation.
  • Due to the supportive atmosphere, anxious students, who have not taken a class in a while, exhibit increased academic confidence after completion of this unique course and report that the experience was fun and challenging rather than stressful. The goal of this program is to help clients build momentum, confidence and the skills necessary to enroll in classes elsewhere.
  • Sessions are held weekly for 12 weeks in fall/spring and twice weekly for 6 weeks in summer.
  • The Dorm U is available on a first-come, first-served basis to any clients with a goal of furthering their education currently enrolled at our New York City location.

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