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For many of our clients, academic studies have become a source of anxiety that blocks their path to greater autonomy and achievement. This doesn’t have to be their reality. At The Dorm, academic support is available to everyone.

Our individualized academic support care plans are designed to meet clients’ unique needs so they have
the confidence and skills to achieve their academic goals.

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Academic Assessment

Upon admission, all clients at The Dorm receive a comprehensive assessment by our academic specialists. Based on the assessment, a Dorm client can receive an academic treatment plan that is tailored to their needs and objectives. Academic support at The Dorm is led by our team of skills therapists and/or our consulting academic specialists, Liz Sokolov and Annie Tulkin.

Specialist Support

We work with specialists who can help our young clients and their families navigate the complete academic experience. This can include everything from college selection, applications, college transfers, issues around medical and academic leave and non-matriculating education options to course selection, course registration, accommodations and interfacing with school-based advisement staff. Course-specific tutors and executive function skills therapists are also available to offer supplemental support. To learn more about our integrated university student support, please, visit here.

Learning Labs

Every Dorm location has a designated ‘Learning Lab’ — a distraction-free space monitored by our clinical staff. From internet access to school supplies, our Learning Labs are fully equipped with everything our clients need to be successful. Clients set an intention at the beginning of each Learning Lab and have dedicated clinical supports to help with their academic goals for each session. Our Labs are designed to help foster and develop autonomous study skills and self-regulation.

At The Dorm, our expert specialists provide the right guidance and support needed to build confidence, develop new skills and navigate complex academic systems. Above all, we encourage self-motivation so that our clients can sustainably strive for academic excellence while at The Dorm and in the future.

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Call Us: (877) 996-2326