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Yes. While everyone’s journey and experience is unique, you can feel confident that our treatment model is rigorously evidence-based and has been shown to have long-term clinically-backed impact. 87% of our alumni have gone on to full-time academics or gainful employment. We are proud to see countless community members go on to thrive independently.

Click to explore our comprehensive 2023 Outcomes Research & Impact Report spanning 5 years of data, with over 750 community participants and 1,198 surveys. Discover key findings, including significant reductions in symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, psychosis, and eating disorders, as well as remarkable improvements in client well-being (+138%), peer acceptance, and personal self-efficacy

The Dorm has two main sites, one in New York City located in the heart of the Upper West Side at 175 West 72nd Street, and one at 1814 N Street in Dupont Circle Washington D.C..

Each of The Dorm locations offer the same comprehensive suite of services and share the same philosophy towards treatment. As unique as each city they are located in, both locations have a distinctive personality reflective of the respective communities.

We do not have a minimum length of stay as each client’s treatment is individually tailored to their clinical and life goals. After an initial assessment and engagement, our clinical team will be able to provide an estimate on the recommended duration of treatment at The Dorm.

We offer a range of living options to support every client over the course of their treatment journey.

1) Independent Living “with” The Dorm is a unique experience of independent living in a client’s own apartment with in-home clinical support from The Dorm’s licensed team. Learn More

2) Recovery Housing is a great solution for young adult clients seeking 24/7 residential support as they navigate treatment and develop the skills of independence. Learn More

No, our services are customized to our clients’ life circumstances. Nearly half of our clients are engaged with us on an outpatient basis while living at home or in conventional university housing.

Our clinical team is composed of full-time licensed, credentialed clinicians with targeted expertise and a sensitivity to the complexities that come with transitioning into adulthood. Our treatment philosophy extends beyond the traditional confines of a therapy room to meet our clients where they are, quite literally. Our clinical team is flexible and responsive, conducting treatment in whatever environment and situation is necessary.

Yes, we believe in a collaborative approach to treatment and providing a path to ensure responsive coordination. With appropriate consent, we ask that any outside provider working in tandem with The Dorm is equally as responsive and available to ensure the highest degree of coordinated care. Through communication and harmonized coordination we strive to provide the best care without the duplication of services.

As an out-of-network provider, we offer a complimentary insurance advocacy resource to help clients and families facilitate insurance claims and maximize reimbursement.

18-30 is our core population, however, we have outliers that benefit from our individual services.

For over a decade we have been committed to helping young adults and their families and have seen so many lives changed for the better. We are proud that many of our clients transition into becoming alumni mentors and coaches after their treatment, a true testament to the community we have built. You can read some of the heartfelt accounts here on our testimonials page.

Treatment and recovery from addiction and/or mental illness can be taxing, challenging and frustrating. It is rarely a linear process. As such, there are some clients who discontinue or leave treatment for a multitude of reasons. Despite our best efforts to help connect clients who discontinue treatment to the appropriate treatment model or level of care, some clients may be frustrated or unsure of how to move forward. Sometimes, this can result in a negative review. This is not reflective of our services as a whole; in fact, you may notice that many treatment centers and healthcare providers have a lower average review profile rankings because of the nature of the work that we do and the challenges that can come with treatment and recovery, especially for this age cohort. If you have any specific questions or if would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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