Group therapy is one of the cornerstones of life at The Dorm. We believe that engaging in therapeutic support in a group environment reinforces that we are not alone and that by working together as a community we can achieve new goals.

All of our group therapy sessions are designed for young adults and allow clients to meet peers within the community and foster new camaraderie and healthy peer-based socialization.

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Comprehensive Group Schedule

We offer a full range of groups all-day Monday through Friday and on Saturdays. Each group is co-facilitated by at least two of our licensed/credentialed clinicians.

Groups For Every Need

We offer both topic-specific, skills-based and process-oriented groups focused around identified areas of change.

DBT, Medication, Smoking Cessation, Job Readiness

Identity & Sexuality, Recovery, Relationship, Women and Men’s Issues, General

Trauma-Focused Seeking
Safety Group

Mindfulness, Meditation
Yoga, Fitness, Walking

Social and Social Skills Group, Art
Therapy Group

Daily Breakfast, Meal Planning, Meal Support, Nutrition, Food & Mood

Monitored Learning Lab For
Academic Development

12-Step Recovery, Mood
Disorder Support

All group schedules are customized. When a new client starts at The Dorm, our clinical team works in conjunction with the client, their family and any outside providers to outline a group therapy schedule that best meets the client’s clinical needs and life goals. Some individuals attend a full week of services, others attend just a few group sessions a week.  Most of our groups are hosted at our Dorm locations (in New York City and Washington, D.C.). Select groups are held ‘off-site’ in neighboring parks or in the community (i.e. if they involve exposure therapy, guided grocery shopping, social skills or cooking classes).

We have a unique approach to care with integrated
treatment methods and supports.

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