Independent Living Support

Eligible clients can live independently in their own apartment while still benefiting from the accountability of our in-home clinical support.

Individualized Skill-building

In-home supports are fully individualized and focus on helping clients develop and practice the core skills needed to sustain independence.

Available in Centrally-Located Buildings

Clients have the opportunity to live in a studio or a 1-bedroom apartment in neighboring, doorman-supported residential buildings close to The Dorm facilities.


This is a great option for young adults who are 18 and older and committed to embracing a full and healthy schedule with 20+ hours of activities outside of the apartment each week*

Clients eligible to participate will need to have demonstrated success in previous treatment and have defined tangible goals reflective of their clinical and life needs. Eligibility is determined in consultation with treatment teams.

*Activities outside the apartment can include a range of day and evening services complemented by enrollment in school, employment, an internship or community service).

Benefits, opportunities and growth for all team members.


In-home skills therapy

Clients receive in-home skills therapy from licensed clinicians covering everything from activities of daily living to self care.



By residing in a neighboring building, clients benefit from the growing Dorm community that exists in each residence.


Clean Living Agreement

Clients are expected to abstain from the use of substances and apartments are smoke and substance-free.


About The Lease

Lease terms range between 3-12 months. Available apartments include both studio and 1-bedrooms.


Independence After Completion

Leases are signed independently of The Dorm enabling clients to remain after completing their treatment.

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For our young adult clients seeking 24/7 residential support as they navigate treatment and develop the skills of independence.

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