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Dorm Founder John McGeehan on Forging a New Mental Health Culture

The demand for mental healthcare has skyrocketed during the pandemic. So how do leaders in this field foster a sustainable and positive mental health culture in their organizations? Mental Health Weekly (Wiley) recently featured an op-ed by Dorm Founder John McGeehan, LCSW, CADC on forging a new mental health culture that will be sustainable now and in the future. By caring for mental health professionals, organizations can better care for their clients.

An image of the article "Forging a New Mental Health Culture", and Op-Ed by Dorm Founder John McGeehan in Mental Health Weekly (Wiley)

In the piece, John speaks to diversity and inclusion, fostering talent density, and listening and promoting a two-way dialogue with employees. These values came into play as The Dorm rapidly adapted to changing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization quickly responded to the mental health crisis by rethinking its hiring strategy.

The demand for care is tremendous, and with that has come its own challenge: Hiring for top talent in our industry has never been more competitive […] The last year and a half has been a time for us all to reexamine how we work, how we run our organizations and what values we uphold as individuals as well as leaders.

Dorm Founder John McGeehan, LCSW, CASAC

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Mental Health Weekly (Wiley)

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