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John McGeehan and Amanda Fialk

Celebrating 10 Years: A Letter From John McGeehan & Amanda Fialk

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Clinically Reviewed by: Amanda Fialk, PhD, LCSW, LICSW


10 years ago, The Dorm was founded on one simple mission: to bridge the gap between traditional inpatient and outpatient care while working alongside adolescents and young adults to teach them the necessary skills to launch independent lives.

From the start, we knew we wanted to do things differently.

We wanted to build a treatment care model that placed community first because we know that community is strength and amazing things happen when a young adult feels “a part of” a greater whole on the road to change. 

It’s why all of The Dorm locations are built around our community Clubhouse where young adults can come together, learn, talk and be surrounded by peers navigating a similar journey. It’s why group therapy is one of the cornerstones of life at The Dorm, because we believe that engaging in therapeutic support in a group environment reinforces that we are not alone and that by working together as a community we can achieve new goals.

We wanted to create a community that truly met our young adult clients where they are on their road to recovery.

This is why all of our clients have an individualized treatment plan that evolves alongside their growing and developing independent lives. You will find our clinicians out in the community; meeting clients at home, at school, in transition from treatment; doing whatever it takes to give the young people we help the resources they need.

Most of all, we knew that we wanted to offer a roadmap for change that was truly holistic. 

It is why our integrated services include nutritional support, fitness, reiki, communications coaching, academic counseling and The Dorm U, a simulated college class service that allows clients to study and learn in a safe, supported and structured environment. 

10 years later, we couldn’t be more grateful for all that we have achieved and for the lives we have been able to touch. We are honored to still be growing and bringing our services to new cities and communities, with locations in New York City and Washington, D.C. 

Do you or a loved one need help with mental health?

The Dorm is here.

10 years later, we know that this is just the beginning. 

To all who have helped make this happen. Thank you.

John McGeehan, Amanda Fialk and The Dorm Team

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