Karee Jones

Karee Jones

Senior Operations Manager

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Karee Jones

Karee (Kah-ree) Jones received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Penn State University Park and has since pursued roles in academia and mental health. Before joining The Dorm, he worked as a TMS Technician at Greenbrook TMS, where he gained valuable experience working with clients who suffer from depression and OCD. Karee is passionate about the mental health industry and supporting individuals during their care journey.

As an aspiring clinical psychologist, Karee is interested in adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and how these traumatic events influence psychiatric disorders and neural development across the lifespan. He is also fascinated by the neuroscience of social media and the influence this technology and smartphone usage may have in the development of psychiatric disorders during adolescence and emerging adulthood.

In his spare time, Karee can be found singing and dancing, taking walks around the neighborhood, going to the gym, and practicing Taekwondo.

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