Not Ready for College? A Therapeutic Gap Year May Be The Solution

With high school graduation just a few months away, many students might be wondering if they are ready for that next big step. Some might even be exploring the option of a gap year or before college to gain real-world experience. Making that decision is harder for some than others. Many young people struggle with newfound independence right after high school or into their college years, and could possibly benefit from a therapeutic gap year. That’s where The Dorm comes in, offering integrated, holistic treatment solutions for young adults from 18 to 35 who may need a reset before, during, or after higher education.

Sarah Harte, LCSW, Director of The Dorm, Washington, D.C. speaks with the team at Fox 5 DC (WTTG-TV) to share more.

“We understand that a lot of college preparation is about getting into college…but a recent study showed that a lot of students say they wish they had more emotional preparation for university studies, not just academic preparation. [At The Dorm], we’re helping [young adults] with the social and emotional skills that they need to have optimal performance during their college years, or, if college is not what they’re working on, then we can also help them not just get a job, but maintain a job…”

– Sarah Harte, LICSW

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