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How Can Parents Talk to Kids After a Tragedy?

Days after the heartbreaking news of Kobe Bryant’s death, parents across the country grappled with how to speak to their kids about the loss of a beloved celebrity icon. Sarah Harte, LICSW, Director of The Dorm, Washington, D.C., had the opportunity to speak with host Kristen Berset-Harris and the team on Great Day Washington WUSA9, to share why the passing of a celebrity may feel similar to the loss of a family member.

“People might be surprised by how similar the reactions are between the loss of a loved one and that of a celebrity, and it’s important not to minimize the experience. Even though your child may have never met their idol, it is normal to have deep emotional reactions to their death, especially when it is so sudden and shocking. Keep in mind that in light of the constant connection on social media these days, or time spent watching games and highlight reels, people and sports stars like Kobe Bryant can feel more real and personal to a young person than an extended family member they rarely see.”

– Sarah Harte, LICSW

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Great Day Washington WUSA9

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