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Tips for Coping with Stress at Work from Director of The Dorm, NYC Brittany Becker, LMHC

Director of The Dorm NYC Brittany Becker, LHMC recently spoke with NextLuxury’s Nicky Cossins about coping with stress at work.

“For many people, what you do for a living can be viewed as an extension of who you are as a person, making it difficult to always separate personal and professional life 100% of the time,” she noted. “Stress can start to permeate into other areas making it harder to ‘switch off,’ gain perspective, and take the time to recharge.”

In conclusion, she recommended a simple tip for cutting down on work stress: “Having a daily work goal or intention is a great way to remind oneself to not only check in sporadically but also to be able to identify the difference between work stressors and other personal life stressors.”

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