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Assistant Director Carrie Wasterlain Speaks About Stereotypes Around Eating Disorders

Carrie Wasterlain, LCSW, Assistant Director of The Dorm NYC, spoke about some common stereotypes around eating disorders with Cheddar TV.

In the segment, Carrie discusses how, “when we think of eating disorders and body image, we automatically go to female. But, men have also been dealing with these impossible ideals in the same media arena and now on social media as well.”

She goes on to explain how “we need to encourage men and young boys to speak up and start these conversations where this all starts, which is in the home and in school. This should start as early as elementary and middle school, especially with social media now available at such a young age.”

Treating eating disorders is a highly individualized process. At The Dorm, our team is trained to help clients build healthy relationships with food and eliminate harmful behaviors through a variety of services, groups and therapeutic support. Our goal is to help each client reconnect to their body and learn to trust what the body is saying so they can be free from preoccupying thoughts around food and weight.

Thanks to Carrie for shedding light on this important issue, for every gender.

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