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Dr. Amanda Fialk Presents Research Poster at APPA 2020

We are proud to share that Dr. Amanda Fialk, Partner and Chief of Clinical Services at The Dorm presented a research poster at the 2020 Annual Conference of The American PsychoPathological Association (APPA). 

Dr. Fialk’s poster focuses on an under-researched yet critical subject in the field of substance abuse treatment: the countertransference impact of practitioners who are former substance abusers, also known as ‘wounded healers’.

“In the field of substance use, where as many as 60-70 percent of practitioners are wounded healers and where agencies recruit wounded healers and clients often request wounded healer therapists, little attention has been paid to the unique countertransference manifestations of these individuals. To address this gap, this research study examined how countertransference in the client-practitioner relationship in substance use treatment is affected by the practitioner’s own history of substance use.”

Fialk, A. ‘Wounded Versus Non-Wounded Healers and Substance Abuse Treatment: Countertransference Considerations’


appa poster

Dr. Fialk’s research is a call to action. The findings indicate that one’s status as a wounded healer impacts countertransference and thus clinical work. While that impact can be positive or negative, what is most essential is recognizing, processing and understanding countertransference so that it does not negatively impact treatment alliance and outcomes. The responsibility falls on the therapeutic practitioners and the agencies that employ them. Investing time and resources to enable proper countertransference recognition, exploration, and supervision is essential to positive healing outcomes.

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