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Black Lives Matter

The Dorm is deeply committed to social justice, equity and centering the experiences of the BIPOC community. Some actions we are taking as an organization:

  • Our team participates in ongoing Diversity, Equity and Social Justice trainings which are structured to encourage essential discussion on topics such as anti-racism, unconscious bias, microaggression, white privilege, white supremacy and fragility.

  • We have created a Justice, Service and Advocacy (JSA) group for clients as a space to engage in advocacy and anti-racism work.

  • Our community members have formed BIPOC client and staff affinity groups, creating important spaces for processing shared experiences and providing mutual support.

At conferences and events, we invite our peers to challenge the status quo.

We believe in raising our voice about the conversations that matter.

The Dorm recognizes that we occupy the traditional land of the Lenape People or Delaware Indians and land that was originally inhabited by the Piscataway Conoy Tribe.

Today and every day our community is committed to learning and relearning the history of our nation and moving towards a future based on respect and equity.

Why this is important. And why it can only be the beginning.

We have committed donations to organizations doing the incredibly important work
of furthering social justice and equity in this country including the NAACP Legal
Defense Fund, Center for Black Equity, BEAM and The Steve Fund.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective
Center for Black Equity
The Steve Fund
The Dorm Impact

Dorm UWS clients volunteered their time to support the Goddard Riverside Community Organization with their annual holiday book fair.

Learn more about Goddard Riverside.

The Dorm Impact

Community members donated personal essentials to support families impacted by the devastating Bronx fire.

Learn more here.

The Dorm Impact

So Others May Eat (SOME) invited our community to create holiday shoeboxes brimming with gifts of essentials for men, women, and children in need.

Learn more about SOME.

The Dorm Impact

For mental health awareness month we donated $1 for every virtual treatment session to NAMI-NYC. Altogether, we raised $3,882 for this incredible organization that offers mental health resources, advocacy and education to 19,000 families and individuals in NYC.

Learn more about NAMI-NYC.

Connect To Give Back

Together with 8 other mental health partners, we mobilized a give back movement where we pledged to donate $1 for every virtual treatment to No Kid Hungry over 30 days. Collectively, we raised $7,691 to help No Kid Hungry feed millions of vulnerable children across the country.

Learn more about Team No Kid Hungry.

Goodwill NY NJ

December 2019 saw The Dorm NYC hosting a holiday donation drive for Goodwill NYNJ. The community was proud to help Goodwill towards its mission to empower persons with disabilities and other barriers to achieve independence through the power of work.

Learn more about Goodwill NYNJ

We are proud to work with Stars of HOPE to share messages of encouragement through community arts in our NY and DC communities. Stars of HOPE is the world’s largest healing arts program that was started by the New York Says Thank You Foundation in 2007.

During therapeutic community arts sessions, our Dorm clinicians and clients create messages of connection, hope, and encouragement together to share with youth in our respective cities. Our stars are delivered to young adults and children at Joseph’s House and Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC and New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital and New Alternatives in New York City.

Learn more about Goddard Riverside.

Gigi's Playhouse, NYC

The Dorm NYC community is proud to support the amazing work at Gigi's Playhouse, a community center that promotes education, advocacy and programming for individuals with Down syndrome and their loved ones. All Dorm clients are given the opportunity to volunteer at Gigi’s Playhouse individually or in groups.

Learn more about Gigi's Playhouse NYC

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