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900 weekly online individual and group sessions including individual and
group therapy, clinical coaching, parent coaching and family therapy,
nutritional counseling and integrative wellness.

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Individual Therapy and Clinical Coaching

Our clinical team offers virtual individual therapy and clinical coaching services for every young adult client we support. All clinical coaching and check-ins are done by our licensed team.

  • Therapy (i.e. DBT, CBT, modified EMDR and psychotherapy)
  • Clinical Coaching (i.e. life-skills, executive function, vocational, academic)
  • Wake-up support and evening sleep hygiene support
  • Parent coaching and family therapy
Nutritional Counseling

Social distancing practices are particularly difficult (and triggering) for clients with eating disorders (EDOs). We have adapted our virtual therapeutic services to not just provide strong nutritional support to our full client population, but to accommodate the unique needs of those individuals living with an EDO.

  • Customized meal delivery for clients
  • Individual meal support (as needed)
  • Virtual group meal support
  • Virtual social meals & cooking groups
  • Nutrition education
  • Monitoring of weight in cases where restriction is a concern
  • Virtual grocery shopping support (individual and group)
Integrative Wellness

Integrative wellness continues to be an essential part of our approach. We offer all clients individualized and group supports including:

  • Yoga
  • Personal training
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Reiki
  • Zumba

Academic Services

The current academic landscape is challenging for students and families
everywhere. Our team of academic advisors and coaches are supporting clients so
that they can navigate this new path with confidence.

  • Daily virtual study hall facilitated by our tutors
  • Continued course-specific tutoring offered over Zoom
  • Executive function tutoring
  • College advisement
Virtual Community Clubhouse

At the heart of everything we do is our community. We are proud to offer a completely virtual community clubhouse that offers our clients a safe, inclusive space to connect online.

  • Our (virtual) community clubhouse is open Monday through Friday
  • You’ll find our community having virtual brunch, game nights, Netflix “parties” or even virtually volunteering with one of our volunteer partners, Gigi’s Playhouse.

Our daughter is reacting incredibly well with the current set up and her ability to cope is entirely a testament to your amazing staff. She has told me about late emails setting up Zoom chat rooms, group dinners, etc. I knew The Dorm was a special place, but now it surpasses any expectations. Once again, thank you to all.

⁠— The Dorm Parent

"Thanks for all you have done to maintain a consistent high level of care and engagement."

⁠— Dorm Parent

"The Dorm is doing such an amazing job having to reinvent themselves in this crazy time. Love all the people I’ve worked with. Excellent communicating by all. Thank you!"

⁠— Dorm Parent

"Virtual seems like a great way to proceed for clients who are in the sustaining mode. As clients get jobs further away from NYC, it allows them to still participate at the Dorm. Thank you for everything!"

⁠— Dorm Parent

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a result of social distancing and the global health crisis.

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Hybrid Care: In-Person + Virtual

⁠Hybrid Care: In-Person + Virtual

COVID-19: Health & Safety Protocols

⁠COVID-19: Health & Safety Protocols

Therapeutic Gap Year

⁠Therapeutic Gap Year

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