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What Is Substance Use Disorder? - New York City - Washington, D.C.

Substance use disorder refers to harmful and patterned use of substances for mood-altering purposes such as medicinal or recreational drugs and alcohol. The harmful effects may include short and long term social issues (and strained interpersonal relationships), health problems, disability, difficulties functioning or meeting responsibilities, risk-taking, impaired judgment and personal control. Not all individuals who use drugs or consume alcohol have a substance use disorder, however, if someone is experiencing challenges as a result of their use, it may be time to see a professional.

Young adults who are facing substance use issues face a host of physical and emotional risks. Depending on the substance, their health and wellbeing may suffer. Mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety and substance use disorders are often closely linked. There are also very real legal risks (depending on the substance and circumstances of use).

What Are The Risks Of Substance Use Disorder? - New York City - Washington, D.C.

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