Samuel Coggeshall

Samuel Coggeshall

LMSW Lead Senior Therapist

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Samuel Coggeshall

Sam completed his Master of Science Degree in social work at Columbia University in New York with a focus on helping young adults achieve their goals in therapeutic settings. He counseled at-risk youth in East New York and studied ways to improve care for the developmentally disabled in New Jersey. As the sibling of someone with special needs, Sam has decades of personal and professional experience in this area. He spent his second year of graduate school at The Dorm, where he discovered a deep interest in outpatient treatment.

During graduate school, Sam learned about the treatment of clients through evidence-based modalities including motivational interviewing, CBT and DBT. He counseled young adults and their families with a focus on crisis intervention and substance abuse. He is committed to helping adolescents and adults discover their independence through evidence-based treatment modalities.

Sam spent two years abroad in New Zealand before college. He worked on organic farms, on a high altitude sheep ranch and as a teacher’s aide with at-risk youth in Wellington. He also hitchhiked throughout, spent a day as a failed beekeeper and almost drowned surfing. In New Zealand, he discovered his passion for therapy and the outdoors. Outside of work, Sam enjoys hiking, camping, is an avid animal lover and is a long-time Mets fan.

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