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Peter Potulicki

Peter Potulicki

LMSW Clinical Coach

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Peter Potulicki

Peter Potulicki is dedicated to providing support to individuals facing a diversity of mental health challenges. With a Master of Social Work from New York University, specializing in mental health and trauma, Peter entered the field of social work as a result of personal and family experiences that led to a passion for helping young adults struggling with their mental well-being.

Before joining The Dorm, Peter worked in Fountain House’s College Re-Entry Program, where he supported young adults in their journey to reintegrate into education or the workforce during recovery. His ability to connect clients with essential resources and improve their resumes and job-seeking skills proved invaluable to their launch into adulthood. At The Dorm, Peter utilizes his experience to empower clients, enabling them to actualize their academic and professional aspirations.

Outside of work, Peter enjoys reading, cooking, walking around Central Park, and trying new restaurants with his friends.

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