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Henry Diaz

Henry Diaz

Health and Wellness Specialist

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Henry Diaz

With a lifelong passion for mental health and wellness, Henry Diaz uses movement and individual training as a way to coach and mentor young adult clients through challenging times. He has a unique background combining experiences in corporate law, coaching, and training for HA Influence Group, and he currently serves as an ambassador for the nonprofit Operation Impact, affiliated with Bronx Connect. 

Henry specializes in functional movement and strength training, TRX, and shadow boxing. Whether it’s going on a walk, playing soccer in the park, or completing a HIIT circuit, each movement modality is customized to the client’s needs. His goal is to connect with every individual to encourage and inspire their journey towards wellbeing, and his most rewarding moments are seeing clients’ confidence increase into every area of life. For Henry, training is just a means to mental and emotional breakthroughs. 

In his free time you can find Henry reading personal growth books, traveling, cooking, and above all, spending time with his beloved family. 

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