Emma Saal

Emma Saal

Health & Wellness Specialist

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Emma Saal

Emma Saal is a dedicated and innovative Health and Wellness professional. A native of Montgomery County, MD, she found her passion for movement taking summer ballet at the Washington School. She is creative, dynamic, and motivated in her work with clients, implementing goal-oriented and outside-the-box thinking to adapt wellness practices to suit a wide spectrum of individuals.

Emma has extensive experience and training as a yoga/movement, meditation and breath work facilitator. Her intention with each practice is to create a cheerful and safe atmosphere for clients, where they can grow to share her love, passion, and knowledge of yoga, sound healing, martial arts, and dance.

At The Dorm, Emma guides and supports individuals in creating positive change. She is committed to bringing awareness of holistic mind and body philosophies through a range of proactive and preventative measures to reach and maintain physical and mental fitness goals. As a compassionate and life-long student, Emma stays dedicated to personal and professional development in order to better serve her students and clients and cultivate trusting relationships.

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