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The Dorm 2023 Outcomes & Impact Report

The Dorm 2023 Outcomes
& Impact Report


Symptom Reduction

Our framework of intensive trauma-informed care provides the clinical expertise, safety, coping skills support and connection necessary for clients to heal and thrive long-term.

Our Outcomes

Given the holistic nature of trauma treatment at The Dorm,
clients experience a 36% reduction in all symptoms of PTSD
that are sustained over time.


trauma ptsd graph
trauma ptsd notes

As a result, young adult clients
with trauma and PTSD are:

Using skills to better cope and manage triggers for self-harm and non-suicidal self-injury

Experiencing fewer flashbacks or nightmares or episodes of “re-experiencing” past traumas

No longer engaging in as many avoidance/response behaviors

Exhibiting fewer signs of social hypervigilance and irritability

Engaging in more social interactions and educational/vocational endeavors


suicidal ideation


psychiatric hospitalizations

The holistic reduction in PTSD symptoms reinforces the efficacy of our trauma-informed model that approaches treatment from all angles. Whether it’s through 1:1 coaching to address triggers, EMDR or Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) interventions, group and family work, or simply promoting an affirming, protective care environment, we support the safety, connection and learned coping skills necessary for clients to heal and thrive long-term.

Robert Johnson - The Dorm

Robert Johnson

Director - The Dorm D.C.

Clinical Case Example: Rio (he/him)


Presenting Problem:

Rio admitted to The Dorm from a residential trauma program with severe PTSD, panic attacks from flashbacks and extreme anxiousness.

  • Childhood memories of sexual assault

  • Isolated and estranged from family and social relationships

  • Struggling with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and severe depression

Rio’s Life Goals: In His Words

  • Manage triggers so I don't get panic attacks

  • Build friendships that align with who I am

  • Keep up a good daily routine

  • Move into my own place!

Rio Schedule

Rio Today: Outcomes

Rio was competent in exploring his own triggers in therapy and, with time, found healthy coping mechanisms such as personal training and yoga. Medication management helped minimize chronic panic attacks and boost his mood, giving him more opportunities to engage socially with peers, join social meals, client-led clubs, and even participate in community field trips. At discharge, Rio was able to fully manage daily triggers and make a successful return to a full-time class schedule while starting to save money for after graduation.

Community Impact of Treatment

Rio built meaningful connections with peers through shared passions and interests.

  • He was frequently found watching sport games in the Clubhouse with clients that shared his interests

  • His sense of self-confidence grew as he fostered sturdy relationships with others in all spheres of life

  • By discharge he had developed real and reliable friendships

The Dorm 2023 Outcomes & Impact Report

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