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The Dorm 2023 Outcomes & Impact Report

The Dorm 2023 Outcomes
& Impact Report


Psychosis Symptom

Many clients at The Dorm are diagnosed with a psychotic disorder including schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or substance-induced psychosis. Our team and consulting psychiatrists work hand-in-hand to ensure proper evaluation, medication management, treatment planning, facilitate cognitive and physical rehabilitation and support stabilization.

Our Outcomes

Clients with psychosis experience remarkable improvements in symptoms
related to cognitive functioning and social confidence.

(The FACT-Cog)

Cognitive Impairment graph

Cognitive Impairment: Including trouble forming thoughts, difficulty paying attention and using the wrong words to describe objects


less likely to report stigmatizing comments from others about their symptoms

Taken together, clients at The Dorm with psychosis are:

Experiencing fewer symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized speech

Less likely to be experiencing outside comments/observations about their psychosis diagnosis

Experiencing improved social confidence as it relates to their diagnosis

Able to participate in social, academic, and vocational activities

Able to carry out activities of daily living (ADLs)


suicidal ideation


psychiatric hospitalizations

Many clients joining us with psychosis are frightened and resistant to talk about what they are experiencing due to stigma and shame. The fact that there is such a high reduction in clients’ perceived experience of comments from others indicates that our model is not just supporting symptom stabilization and reduction, but that we are successfully restoring social confidence.

Tina Bryant

Tina Bryant, LMSW

Senior Therapist

Clinical Case Example: Frankie (she/her)


Presenting Problem:

At admission, Frankie was withdrawn and struggling with symptoms of a delusional disorder which had resulted in a dismissal from her master’s program.

  • Struggling to get symptoms under control

  • Lives alone and lacks social relationships

  • Strong feelings of apathy and low self-esteem

Frankie’s Life Goals: In Her Words

  • Finish my master's thesis

  • Take regular walks throughout the city

  • Make some friends

  • Better family dynamics

Treatment Plan

Frankie Schedule

Frankie Today: Outcomes

Frankie found that engaging in health and wellness programming, such as yoga and personal training, were essential for finding her peace. By developing a structured physical training routine and maintaining medication management, Frankie gained confidence, energy, and began to express herself and build social connections with peers. Communication and a healthier family dynamic was created with her parents which was pivotal in recovery. One of her proudest moments was being able to re-enroll into her master’s program and start her thesis. Today she is actively engaged in a physical training and wellness program, and enjoying her new interests with a close-knit community.

Community Impact of Treatment

Frankie found healing and support through peer fellowship and community belonging.

  • She felt her social life provided a welcome mental break from intensive psychotherapy

  • She was positively influenced by other clients who were motivated to get better

  • With time and practice, she was able to regularly socialize, from enjoying meals with her peers to volunteer days with friends at her local dog shelter

The Dorm 2023 Outcomes & Impact Report

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