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The Dorm 2023 Outcomes & Impact Report

The Dorm 2023 Outcomes
& Impact Report


Depression Symptom

Through individual therapy, medication management, groups and practical skill-building work, our clients learn to challenge negative thought patterns and build emotion regulation skills that can relieve symptoms and contribute to a positive future outlook.

Our Outcomes

Clients experience statistically significant reductions in depression symptoms, with average scores at admission indicating severe symptoms that drop to moderate levels at discharge.


Depression Symptom Reduction Graph

While clients presenting with severe depression may experience extreme hopelessness or suicidal ideation, engage in recurrent self-injurious behaviors and struggle with basic self-care, clients discharging at The Dorm are:

No longer experiencing daily or disruptive thoughts

Managing triggering thoughts when they do arise

Managing activities of daily living including cooking, personal care, getting to and from necessary appointments

Making plans socially, setting goals and feeling excited about events in their future


suicidal ideation


psychiatric hospitalizations

Our wrap-around treatment supports safety, stabilization and improved daily functioning. In this way, the evolution between severe and moderate clinical depression can be truly life-enhancing, as clients learn to better manage distress, grow in competence and feel more empowered.

Alexa Connors

Alexa Connors, LCSW

Assistant Director - The Dorm

Clinical Case Example: Devon (she/her)


Presenting Problem:

Devon joined The Dorm with a chronic baseline of severe depression that interfered with her schoolwork and self-esteem.

  • On a leave from school due to bullying and missed coursework.

  • Graduation anxiety and concerns about securing work.

  • Struggling to carry out ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) (getting dressed, leaving the house).

Devon’s Life Goals: In Her Words

  • Feel less depressed and anxious

  • Finish classes and graduate!

  • Take care of myself at home

  • Get a job in photography!

Treatment Plan

Devon Schedule

Devon Today: Outcomes

Forming a strong rapport with her clinical coach was pivotal for Devon, as they visited her apartment weekly to provide accountability and support the practice of ADLs (buying groceries, making the bed, doing laundry). Healing her beliefs about herself in therapy and putting in place stronger routines translated to better moods and a boost in self-esteem, which translated into becoming more engaged in social groups and on-site activities. Devon benefited from academic tutoring aiding her in returning back to school, executing effective time management, and job hunting for part-time work. She has found friends that align with her creative interests and is in the interview process to work in photography.

Community Impact of Treatment

Devon’s self-esteem grew in tandem with her engagement in our social community.

  • Throughout, she made efforts to create friendships and build a group of core friends

  • Devon enjoyed participating in our community events including social group and game nights

  • At discharge she had began to identify as not only a student or employee, but as an independent adult

The Dorm 2023 Outcomes & Impact Report

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