The Dorm and The New School Launch Strategic Partnership to Enhance College Students’ Mental Health

Tuesday, October, 11, 2022 — The Dorm, a young adult intensive outpatient treatment community, has entered into a strategic partnership with New York-based University The New School to enhance students’ mental health with a treatment scholarship that will cover 100% of the cost of clinical care at The Dorm. 

The scholarship, which will start by supporting two New School undergraduate students on an ongoing basis, will be dedicated to individuals who demonstrate a financial need and who are members of communities who have been systemically and historically excluded from equitable mental health care. This scholarship comes as a call to action in response to the ongoing, youth mental health crisis. Today, 1-in-3 university students suffer from depression or anxiety and deep, systemic mental health inequalities and “treatment gaps” persist, particularly among racial and ethnic minority students.  

“We want to help narrow the mental health treatment gap for students who persistently face inequitable access to care,” explains John McGeehan, LCSW, CADC, CEO and Founder at The Dorm. “We bring a comprehensive level of treatment services right to students so they don’t have to seek it outside the city where they are studying and building a community. Over 70% of our current clients are active college students or planning a return to their studies. We offer college-specific services, culturally competent care and truly know how to help students get better, work towards their goals, and do this in collaboration with their campus counseling teams.”

The New School offers a variety of resources at their Student Health Services Center and has invested considerably in student mental health and counseling services. The university’s goal is to also provide students with a connection to an array of community resources off-campus that can support their students along the full continuum of care, in tandem with university clinicians and providers. 

 “We all know the pressures of the college semester, even when we’re not in the midst of a mental health crisis”, said Tracy Robin, Associate Provost, Student Health Services at The New School. “We offer comprehensive counseling services as part of our Student Health Center, but it’s important to know that if a student needs a higher level of care, they can receive it at The Dorm, for free as part of this dedicated clinical treatment scholarship, without ever having to leave our city or the community they are building here with us.”

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About The Dorm

Since 2009, The Dorm’s mission has been to guide young adults towards independence through evidence-based clinical therapies, community support and practical skill-building. As a full-service mental health treatment community with locations in New York City, NY and Washington, D.C., they offer a unique approach to caring for young adults that is both therapeutic and holistic. This includes comprehensive day and evening services with individual and group therapy, wrap-around academic support, independent living opportunities and individualized life skills training. The Dorm’s expert therapists and practitioners support the community with tailor-made treatment plans that meet them where they are today – virtually, at home, at school, or out in the community.

About The New School 

Founded in 1919, The New School was established to advance academic freedom, tolerance, and experimentation. A century later, The New School remains at the forefront of innovation in higher education, inspiring approximately 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students to challenge the status quo in design and the social sciences, liberal arts, management, the arts, and media. The university welcomes thousands of adult learners annually for continuing education courses and public programs that encourage open discourse and social engagement. Through our online learning portals, research institutes, and international partnerships, The New School maintains a global presence. 

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