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A dynamic hybrid care experience where clients join us on-site and in-person 4 days a week in addition to their virtual care.

In-person individual sessions, groups and community Clubhouse access on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
Tuesdays and
weekend activities are
all offered virtually
A virtual Clubhouse offered 5 days a week for a connected community experience of socialization and fun
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Hybrid Individual Therapy and Clinical Coaching

Our clinical team offers individual therapy and clinical coaching services for every young adult client we support. This is now offered in-person 4 days per week (all participants must wear masks and observe social distancing), and offered virtually all other days. All clinical coaching and check-ins are done by our licensed team.

  • Therapy (i.e. DBT, CBT, modified EMDR and psychotherapy)
  • Clinical Coaching (i.e. life-skills, executive function, vocational, academic)
  • Wake-up support and evening sleep hygiene support
  • Parent coaching and family therapy

With clients joining groups in-person and virtually throughout the week we have
integrated smart technology to make the experience more seamless.

Smart Camera

360°, 1080p smart cameras with an 18-ft audio radius are placed in the middle of all group rooms and are synced with our Zoom Health Account.

Hybrid Integrated Group Experience

The smart mics and cameras actively follow in-person contributors so virtual participants can always see and hear who is speaking and sharing!

Hybrid Integrated Group Experience

Virtual participants can see a 360° view of the room AND individual speakers while in-person participants can see all of their virtual counterparts on HD TV screens.

Nutritional Counselling

In-person or virtual, we have adapted our therapeutic services to provide strong nutritional support to accommodate the unique needs of those individuals living with an eating concern.

  • Customized meal delivery for clients
  • Individual meal support (as needed)
  • In-person meal support 4 days/week and virtual care all other days
  • In-person social meals & cooking groups 4 days/week with virtual care all other days
  • Nutrition education
  • Monitoring of weight in cases where restriction is a concern
  • In-person and virtual grocery shopping support (individual and group)
Hybrid Integrated Wellness

Integrative wellness is an essential part of our approach. We offer all clients individualized and group supports including:

  • Yoga
  • Personal training
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Reiki
  • Zumba

The current academic landscape is challenging for students and families everywhere. Our team of academic advisors and coaches are supporting clients so that they can navigate this new path with confidence.

  • Daily study hall facilitated by our tutors
  • Continued course-specific tutoring
  • Executive function coaching
  • College advisement
Virtual Community Clubhouse

At the heart of everything we do is our community. Monday through Friday, we are proud to offer an in-person Clubhouse experience 4/days week and a completely virtual community Clubhouse all week long.

On virtual days you’ll find our community having virtual brunch, game nights, or virtually volunteering with one of our volunteer partners, Gigi’s Playhouse.

Our in-person Clubhouse is monitored all-day to help make sure everyone observes social distancing.

Read about our health and safety measures, Digital Dorm
experience, and Therapeutic Gap Year experience.

The Virtual Dorm Experience

⁠The Virtual Dorm Experience

COVID-19: Health & Safety Protocols

⁠COVID-19: Health & Safety Protocols

Therapeutic Gap Year

⁠Therapeutic Gap Year

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