Washington D.C.: Group Schedule

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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
09:30 AM

Breakfast Club

Job Readiness

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

10:00 AM

Seeking Safety

Academic Skills & Support

Process Group

DBT Skills

Seeking Safety

11:00 AM

Executive Function & Life Skills

Health Fundamentals

Body Image Group

Learning & Productivity Lab

Women’s Process Group

Learning & Productivity Lab

Trans and Gender Non-binary Process Group

12:00 PM

Meal Group A and B

Artful Communication (NYC)

Food & Mood

Meal Support

Meal Group B

Meal Group (EDO)

Meal Group A

Meal Group B

1:00 PM

Wellness Walks


CBT Group


Men’s Process Group

2:00 PM

Cog Rem.


Dorm U

Dorm Strength

Cog Rem.


3:00 PM

DBT Intensive

Learning & Productivity Lab

COC Affinity Group

Food Freedom

Book Club


Relapse Prevention

4:00 PM


Money Management

Justice & Advocacy Group

Identity & Sexuality

Anger Management

5:00 PM

Clubhouse & Club Hour

Parent Collective (Biweekly)

Recovery Group

Meal Planning/Grocery

6:00 PM

AA Meeting

Social Group

Clubhouse & Club Hour

7:00 PM

Dual Diagnosis Meeting

AA Meeting

AA Meeting

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