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Family Therapy Services at The Dorm

Family Therapy and Involvement Is Linked To Treatment Success

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Clinically Reviewed by: Amanda Fialk, PhD, LCSW, LICSW


We know that family therapy and family therapeutic involvement is linked to treatment success in young adults. Here’s how we support the family unit at The Dorm.

We are all members of significant social systems in our lives: friend groups, neighborhood communities, work teams. But for the majority of us, the most important ‘system’ in our lives is still family. To care for young adults is to recognize the importance of that family unit and to understand the transformative role it can have on the recovery journey. In this post, a parent coach shares how The Dorm’s family therapy services are designed to improve treatment outcomes and set our clients up for success.

Why are Family Therapy Services Important During a Young Person’s Treatment Journey?

No one is an island. When a young person is in recovery or navigating life challenges, it has a strong ripple effect because we are all-inclusive social beings who are embedded in deeply significant social systems. Our connections and attachments are integral to how we self-identify and how we move through our lives. Family support services are important because treatment is a significant life transition; a disruption to the status quo. Everyone is touched and it benefits everyone to have help navigating and processing it.

Treatment and recovery frequently bring up difficult emotions and new dynamics that are helpful to work through with professionals. Many parents and family members will experience uncertainty, anxiety and guilt. They may not know how to respond to a new diagnosis or prognosis and can feel helpless and hopeless. Parent therapy and different levels of family support can help a family identify what is no longer working, promote understanding and set a plan for moving forward.

What Dynamics Are Important To Work Through For Families Navigating Treatment?

Every family is different and unique, but many parents or close family members may not realize the level of fear, distrust and anxiety they are carrying with them. It is helpful to identify and hold space for these emotions so that they can be addressed. Many families can also benefit from developing new ways of communicating together and redefining outdated ‘roles’ that are no longer serving them.

The biggest emphasis in family therapy is to identify problematic patterns of behavior and to work through them. It involves providing guidance and expert skill-building services to family members so that they feel confident about how to best support their loved one’s treatment journey in the here and now.

How are Family Therapy Services Unique at The Dorm?

In keeping with our holistic approach to care, there is a sense that ‘everyone is seen’ when they come for treatment at The Dorm. Every new client who starts with us is assigned a parent skills therapist. We offer multiple therapeutic touch points and forms of support that help everyone in the family grow and communicate better.

Parents are never considered a burden. Their input is important and their participation is valued. We know that clients tend to do better, faster, when families are involved. It’s our job to build that trust and rapport because we view the family as a key part of the team that will help their young adults achieve their goals.

Our Parent/Family Therapy Services and Supports

  • Parental Skills Therapy: When each family starts at The Dorm they are assigned a parent skills therapist who works hand-in-hand with the family during treatment. Sessions can be held in person or over the phone to accommodate the family’s schedule and needs.
  • Family Therapy: A parent skills therapist can provide intermittent or regular family therapy sessions to meet the family’s needs. These sessions are focused on opening communication and working through barriers to promote greater independence.
  • Multi-Family Group: A weekly group held at The Dorm offices for families to explore, learn and practice new skills. This is also a great opportunity to connect with other families.
  • Parent Support Group: A parent-only weekly group held at The Dorm offices where parents can get together and process their own feelings and experiences.
  • Parent Collectives, a biweekly virtual support group that blends psycho-educational and peer support guided by two clinical facilitators.

To learn more, please visit our Family Therapy page.

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